Sometimes we forget that our food has its roots (literally!) in the ground. The truth is that most of us have never hoed potatoes, weeded strawberries, fed pigs or milked a cow. Maybe you couldn't even say what potato plants look like or what cows smell like. Today most food comes from grocery stores and restaurants, not directly from the farmer. The Food Literacy Project wants to remind you that agriculture is at the heart of every meal and tell you what HUDS is doing about that.



Get fresh, Massachusetts produce all summer and fall direct from farmers on Harvard's campus. The market runs from mid-June through the last week of November. Learn About the Farmers Market

Sustainable Dining

Harvard recognizes New England's agricultural heritage by still investing Harvard's University Professors with the right to pasture animals in the Yard. We might not be keeping cows for you, but HUDS does use sustainability as a guiding factor.

Organic Food

Many farmers today are converting to organic production. Growing without chemicals has its challenges, but these farmers are contributing to the health of their soil and keeping us all healthier.

Learn About Organic Food