Summer Urban Food Systems Internship Application
Harvard Community Garden • 2015


The Harvard Community Garden is seeking two motivated, energetic individuals to intern on the organic vegetable garden on Mount Auburn St. in Harvard Square. The interns will learn about and work in the urban food system gaining hands on experience in urban food production/gardening, lesson planning/teaching, community program development, urban food access, farmers’ market management and more!


The ideal candidate is self-motivated, hardworking and eager to learn about urban farming. They should be capable of conceiving, creating and implementing innovative ideas to bring together members of the community in an effort to raise awareness about the critical role that food plays in our environment and our health.


Work and learning:

·       Working with the other intern with guidance from the Food Literacy Project Coordinator to maintain and develop the garden, including weekly “field walks” (about 2 days per week).

·       Managing the business, record keeping, community programming, production and other aspects of the garden (about 1 day per week).

·       Co-manage the Harvard Farmers’ Market (about 1 day per week).

·       Participating in regular classes, field trips, and volunteer opportunities to learn about urban farming, entrepreneurship, and food justice (1/2 day per week).

·       Opportunities for independent projects and initiatives! Each intern develops an independent project related to the garden (building a cob oven, creating curricula etc...) (1/2 day per week)


The details:

·       Interns are expected to work 35-40 hours per week during the summer. Scheduling can be flexible to allow for other commitments. June 1st through August 28th with one week vacation.

·       Interns are expected to work on the garden during the spring, 2015 semester at least two hours per week (attending some meetings and some workdays).

·       Compensation: $1,500 stipend, room in a Harvard dormitory for the summer, and dining access at Annenberg dining hall.


What you’ll gain:

  • Expanded knowledge about and insight of the food system, especially urban agriculture.
  • Networking opportunity in the food system.
  • Leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • Demonstrable experience in event planning, budgeting, communication, teaching, curriculum development, organizing, and marketing.
  • A community of people who share your interests.


Deadline for application: March 10th to Margiana Petersen-Rockney,, 617.735.7714. To apply please send your resume, contact information, year, and a letter (1 page max) explaining why you are interested in this opportunity. In your letter please touch on your related experience, comfort with working outside, teamwork and communication skills, and other plans you may have for the summer.



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