Food Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

Approximately 8% of the undergraduate population has food allergies or sensitivities. Here at HUDS, we believe that all students and staff share a responsibility to help keep these individuals safe.

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Table Tent Information & Submissions


Table tent advertisements are free for any Harvard student group, and reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups are limited to one advertisement of 75 words or less per semester, and may be accompanied by a logo if space permits. HUDS reserves the right to edit entries for space and sensitivity to the campus population. Make a reservation by email.

BoardPlus Details & Locations

To give you flexibility in your meal plan, we provide you with $65 of BoardPlus per semester.

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Faculty / Student Meals

Are you looking for an opportunity to converse with your instructors outside of the lecture hall? Then invite your professor, teaching fellow, proctor, or coach to the Faculty Dining Program.

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Brain Break

Need a break from those late night studying hours? Brain Break is a self-service snack offering to keep you fueled up. (check individual Houses for specific times). First-years may take advantage of Brain Break at Annenberg Dining Hall.


Take-out options are available for groups of students in need of a meal replacement for both on- and off-campus events. 

  • Harvard-sponsored events (see Harvard College Office of Student Life for a list) may request food for multiple meal periods. All other student clubs and groups may request food for one meal period only.
  • When ordering from HUDS, the contact person will need to provide 7 business day notice for events with over 50 people. 5 business day notice is required for smaller events.  Essential information includes Name of Organization, Contact Person’s Name, Email, Phone Number, Specific Date(s) and Meal Periods to be replaced. The number of people attending is also necessary. 
  • The amount of food provided without additional charge is determined by the number of valid ID numbers supplied.  All additional meals are charged at customary catering rates.  The contact person is responsible for submitting valid names and the new sixteen digit ID numbers at least 3 days prior to pickup. Due to changes in security policy, Names and ID numbers must be submitted on separate sheets.  All ID numbers will be locked out of the corresponding meal periods.  Once the IDs are locked out, there is no way to reactivate them for the associated meal periods.  Students who have submitted their IDs for a packout, but later choose to dine in a hall for the blocked meals will be charged the transient meal rate.
  • Food provided by pack-out is for consumption by Harvard students on the meal plan only.
  • This exchange is for nutritionally balanced meals only.  HUDS will not provide cheeseboards, fruit trays, dessert platters, tea service and similar items in exchange for ID swipes.  These requests are handled as catered event items and will be priced according to the House Function menu.
  • Packouts can only be ordered during the regular academic year when dining halls are open.  For example, Winter Break and Spring Break are closed periods.
  • Due to Health Code Regulations, HUDS cannot supply hot foods to be consumed off premise.  It is up to the group to ensure all perishable food will be held under proper temperature guidelines (below 40°) during transportation and storage.

Please follow all basic safe food handling procedures: including hand washing & sanitizing, sanitized preparation surfaces and proper storage, and cooking food to proper temperatures.

If you are looking for items for a group or club that is outside the meal plan, you will need to pay with a University Billing Codes, Vouchers, Crimson Cash, Cash or Check made out to HUDS.

Requested dining service equipment must be secured by deposit check.  Please check with your house regarding the availability of BBQ grills and other equipment.

Outside Bag Meal and Packout options, food must be eaten in the dining hall and may not be removed from the dining hall, except as pre-arranged with the management. This is both an issue of food safety and a concern regarding the sharing of food with those who are not on a board contract or who have not paid for the meal.