Catering Manager: Tom Quinn
Phone: 617.432.4624

Sebastian's Café Catering is pleased to help you create the perfect setting and menu for your next catered event. There are many varied selections to choose from to please even the most discerning palate. We offer exciting menu choices, featuring regional and international cuisines, as well as lighter food offerings and vegetarian specialties.

We appreciate you selecting Sebastian's Catering at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for your catered event, and our entire team takes great pride in meeting and exceeding your event planning needs.

The Food Literacy Project
Sebastian's Catering participates in Harvard University Dining Services' Food Literacy Project, which endeavors to cultivate an understanding of food from the ground up. Efforts focus on four integrated areas of food and society: agriculture, nutrition, food preparation and community. Ultimately, the project goal is to promote enduring knowledge, enabling consumers to make informed food choices.

In your catering experience, this would be demonstrated in our ability to work with you on tailored menus and program features that separate a Sebastian's experience from any other.

This might include "green" practices such as recycling and composting. We can also work with you to provide menus that are local, sustainable, or even organic. You might enjoy an action station that allows your guests to see an items preparation from its whole ingredients to a finished dish. Or you may wish to highlight nutritional benefits, such as our zero trans-fats policy, or a menu high in Omega-3s.

It is our pleasure to share our passion for all the aspects of food, and to extend that passion to creating a full experience for your guests.